Mr. Eggman's cooking eggxperiment

“Boiling an egg isn’t rocket science …”

1: Measure food source size and weight. Measure food source shell thickness to one one thousanths of a micron tolerance.
2: Precisely measure pre purified and pre heated liquid medium into container of known cubic capacity.
3: Re test current heat of liquid medium and calculate the required heat to be applied over set time.
4: Precisely position container on heating device to within one nanometer of previously used co-ordinates.
5: Apply heat...constantly monitoring heat source for any variances to within one millijule and, at precisely the same instant, start atomic timing device.
6: Vary heat source using data collected from numerous sensors mounted in container at varying heights to allow for differences of density in liquid medium and plotted movement of food source.
7: At the exact assigned time for boiling medium to boil the food source to the required consistency heat is turned off.
8: Instantaneously the container is removed from the heat source to a cooling station to prevent further boiling. A purified cooling medium is applied to the container in an accurately metered dosage.
9: The food source is removed from the container and placed in a suitable receptacle.

Source: goodstuff4u.multiply.com

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