The Crow’s Egg

Kaaka Muttai (The Crow’s Egg)
M. Manikandan, 2015
Fox Star Studios

Two children from the slums of Chennai, India go to extreme lengths to taste some pizza.

In a slum in Chennai, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, two young boys are growing up unaware of all the things they don't have – such as pizza.
The boys are known as Little Crow's Egg (V. Ramesh) and Big Crow's Egg (J Vignesh), because they like to entice the crows from the trees with rice, then steal their eggs. They drink the yolks straight down – for which their mother scolds them. It is a sign of poverty – something they don't quite understand.

The boys collect coal beside the rail tracks, earning about 10 rupees a day. When a pizza parlour opens on the edge of their neighbourhood, they are fascinated. Older brother determines that they must work to make the 300 rupees they need to eat a pizza – an outrageous sum.

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