3D-Printed Egg Pavilion

The world is definitely becoming a small village where a spark of creativity from one person can easily travel worldwide. Starting with one inspiring designer, Michiel van der Kley, and reaching out to many others, Project EGG is finally ready to travel the world. With a new way of thinking new possibilities are always emerging.

Fabricated from small, distinct, 3D printed stones, Project EGG introduces a new method for construction. Such innovative designs are considered milestones for future building methods and collaborations. Constructed from PLA, a new re-usable and biodegradable material, the structure is made by the community. Hundreds of co-creators from different countries had the chance of “adopting” a stone ; shifting the boundaries of any conventional construction method.

“ Many small elements together forming a large structure, as in the objects from nature. The possibilities of desktop 3D-printing when you see a large object as the total of many small elements are limitless ”. M.Van Der Kley

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