Nuremberg Egg

Is it an egg? 
Is it a town? 
Is it a trial? 
No, it is a watch!!!!

"For the first watches we must go back to about the year 1500. In the old town of Nuremberg there lived, at that time, one Peter Henlein, probably a locksmith.

Johannes Coeuleus, wrote in 1511 : “A clever and comparatively young man - Peter Henlein - creates works that are the admiration of leading mathematicians, for, out of a little iron he constructs clocks with numerous wheels, which, without any impulse and in any position, indicate time for forty hours and strike, and which can be carried in the purse as well as in the pocket."

The first watches were very much fatter and more old-fashioned.Before long, Henlein was making them oval in shape.
Hence, they were called Nuremberg eggs."

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