How to get egg off your car

If you see your car has been egged, clean it up right away. Leaving the egg on the car, even over night, will crack your paint.

What you need:

* 2 Soft towels
* White vinegar
* Bucket

1. It is important to clean up the egg from your car as soon as you see it, even if there is no sun out.

2. Remove with your hand the large egg shells that are not stuck to the car.

3. With a soft towel, and being careful not to scratch the paint with egg shells, remove as much egg as you can.

4. Take a bucket and fill it up with 2 cups of water and 2 cups of white vinegar.

5. Wash out the towel full of egg, and then soak it in the vinegar solution.

6. Place the towel on the egg stain for 15 minutes (Repeat steps 5 – 6 on every area stained by egg).

7. Remove the soaked towel.

8. Using a dry soft towel, wipe the area down to remove any egg pieces.

9. If you see that you did not make it in time, and the paint is cracked or bubbling up you may have to take your car to a body shop to be repainted or spot-painted.

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