Warning to egg-throwing children

Children caught throwing eggs in Shropshire are being warned they face prosecution.
Police say there have been a growing number of incidents involving gangs of youngsters roaming housing estates, usually at night.
In the past few weeks, the egg-throwers have struck in Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Craven Arms, Ludlow, Highley and Albrighton.
Officers say they have had complaints from people who have had eggs thrown at the doors and windows of their homes and cars.
In some cases the victims have been elderly people living alone who have become frightened and distressed.
Shops are being asked to be watchful for youngsters trying to buy eggs. Police are asking them not to sell them to children if they are suspicious about what they will be used for.
Parents who think eggs are going missing from the kitchen are being asked to check whether their children are involved in the attacks.
(Fonte: BBC)

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