Musée de l'Œuf

Celebra-se hoje o Dia Internacional dos Museus e não podia faltar uma referência ao Le Musée de l' Oeuf, em Montelimar, França:

In April 2002, the International Egg Museum was therefore created in Montelimar (a famous city in the southeast of France), with Tatiana Fabergé (the granddaughter of the Czars' jeweler) as its "god mother". This museum, like its creator, is bilingual and the visits can be done in English. Everything is based on the theme "the tales of the egg". There is a comprehensive documentation about the symbolism of the egg, researches about the first eggs (dinosaur eggs) and the evolution of eggs throughout the ages. There are books, slides, videos, recipes, among other resources.

The various egging techniques are represented by "egg'ceptional" creations: sculpting, hinging, painting, engraving, pasting. There will also be classes explaining how to decorate eggs. (More...)

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