Let's throw eggs at the Olympics

A worldwide sporting activity sadly overlooked in Athens is long-distance egg throwing. Every four years, world athletics and swimming records are broken, but the egg-throwing record has survived for more than a quarter-century. We'd like to see this bizarre sport included in future Olympic Games.

The world record was established on November 12, 1978, in Jewett, Texas, when Johnie Dell Foley threw a fresh cackleberry the almost incredible distance of 323ft 2in (98.51m) to his cousin, Keith Thomas, who caught it flawlessly. Many of the other catchers no doubt finished with egg on their faces.

After checking out Johnie's performance with the Guinness Book of World Records, we searched the internet for further details. Jewett (population 668) is described as "a small agricultural based community in the rolling hills of East Texas approximately half-way between Dallas and Houston."

A local website, jewett-texas.com, says the town is "home of the oldest continually operating newspaper in Texas, birthplace of Jack Adkisson (Fritz Von Eric) and blues singer Alger 'Texas' Alexander, and the first town in the United States to have an all-female government." Not a word about its greatest claim to fame. (more...)

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