Magic Message Egg

If you ever wondered how they got ships into bottles, this is going to blow a few fuses in the 'How the *!#?*!?' part of your brain. The Message Egg is an astonishing and deeply silly bit of genetic engineering (well almost) gone haywire. Pop the can open, add water and within a matter of hours the egg will begin to crack as a bean plant begins to grow (not a chicken, as you might normally expect). This is pretty cool in itself, but not only will a bean plant grow out of the egg, the bean will have a message on it!

How the......? Who knows, and who cares, it's just a deeply weird and excellent bit of fun. The bean will germinate in about 5 to 7 days, by which time the message will be fully 'hatched' for all to see. We're still scratching our heads over this one, and it's had us all enthralled for far longer than is healthy. Egg and beans never have never been so cool.

As our Message Eggs are real plants, and nature does not always behave as we expect it to, the odd one simply refuses to sprout. If this happens to your Message Egg please contact us and we'll send you another one to replace it.

One message egg in clear germination container.
The egg cracks open to reveal a bean with a special message: 'I Love You' or 'Happy Birthday'.
The bean can then be planted to grow.
Warning: as the message eggs are live plants they sometimes have a will of their own resulting in a very low percentage refusing to grow.

(Sorry! Sold Out check back soon)

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