Egg-streamly Silly Basketball

What You'll Need:

Large basket
Plastic grass
3 plastic eggs for each player

Tie one end of the rope to the basket's handle. Tie the other end to a tree limb. Mark a line 3 to 6 feet from the basket. One player starts the basket swinging. The players then try to toss their eggs into the moving basket. Who can get the most eggs in?

When you have mastered the art of Egg-streamly Silly Basketball, challenge your friends to a game of "Egghead." Make a mark on the ground. Toss the plastic egg from your mark. If you make it in the swinging basket, your friends must make it from the same mark. If they miss, they have an E. Keep playing until someone spells "Egghead." For tie-breakers, try special shots, like over the shoulder or between the legs.

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  1. Com ovos de plástico, isto é para meninos... :-)